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Tray Organizer for easy access to stuff during flights

On a long flight or any flight, do you wish you had easy access to the things you need or wish to use? Do you feel you’re always bending over to dig through your under-seat bag or get tired of having your carry-on on your lap? If so, or if you simply enjoy convenience, I have a possible solution for you. It’s a tray-cover that’s an organizer to give you easy access to what you most need while you’re flying. The Tray Organizer by Serenity Organizers™.

The bottom of the Cabeau Evolution soft inflatable Cushion. It's perfect for travel.

A seat cushion – long-term travelers dream

A soft place to sit. I don’t expect that wish will be a necessary anymore, thanks to a new item in travel — inflatable ergonomic Evolution Cushion by Cabeau! This cusion packs rather small & it’s light, so it’s well worth the packing impact. It’s strong and evenly distributes your weight. It’s easy to adjust the how firm or soft you’d like it.

Travel in health -Books for health

Getting sick is especially bothersome when you’re traveling. But of course, illness happens and there are plenty of good, easy ways to deal with that. For now, let’s talk about ways to prevent illness. This page covers some online info and books that I know to be excellent and helpful. Each comes as an ebook too, so you can take it with you as you travel. Hint: Everything pretty much comes down to eating real food over fast and processed foods. This is often called Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB). This sets you and your body up for its best health so you can minimize illness and maximize opportunities for great adventures.  I don’t give medical advice so don’t take my words that way, but I and others know that as you learn what’s in these books it’s possible to balance local experiences and enjoy the local cuisines of the places […]

How Not To Die book cover

Shoes at Amazon

Shopping for clothes? Do you absolutely love to shop at Amazon? Here are some links that may speed up your search.(These are affiliate links that help support this site but don’t cost you extra.) Women’s Skechers at Amazon This black “Skechers Women’s Microburst One up Fashion Sneaker” appears to be the closest to the shoe I wore for over a year of travel. It worked for me as an everyday shoe and even passed at a couple of weddings, but had the comfort of a sneaker for all of my walking. With the right shoe like this you don’t need to carry a sneaker and shoes. (I have not seen this shoe in person yet though.)   This grey “Skechers Women’s Breathe Easy-Good Influence Sneaker“ looks like it could be great as a stylish everyday walking shoe. (I have not seen this shoe in person yet though.)   Men’s Rockport […]

Best email tip to prevent embarrassment

Have you ever sent an email…then wished you hadn’t? When composing an email, most people work from top to bottom. So you likely do this: Click/tap New Message Enter the recipient(s) Maybe add a Reply-To address Enter the email subject Compose message Add attachments Perhaps select or type your Signature Send I suggest you do NOT create an email in that order. Think about it… It’s always easy to get distracted, especially when traveling. While traveling, you’re likely working on an iPhone/Android, maybe a tablet — a smaller screen than when working on a desktop/laptop computer. You are more rushed when traveling because who wants to do email when the world awaits. It’s far too easy to send your words prematurely before you’ve thought them out To avoid embarrassment, create your email this way instead… Click/tap New Message DO NOT enter anything in the To, CC, or BCC fields. Skip […]

Oh No! I didn't want to SEND THAT email yet!

Text & Email Advice for Travelers

Travel a while and your texts can become mysterious puzzles. Here’s how to make sure your text, or the other person’s remain helpful and informational long after your first meeting or your entire trip. Advice to make your first-time message recipient know…

an informational text

Possibly drugged – even when with her husband

This event happened to a woman who was traveling with her husband in Peru. As you will see it was in a very respectable and well-liked place. She shared this and is allowing me to share it to remind us that we all need to remember to trust our instincts. This post is all her own words. Drugged, or a freak drug interaction… My husband and I, both in our mid-40s, were in Lima, Peru. We met up with a friend of mine, a Peruvian man in his mid-50s, for lunch. At the restaurant, Punto Azul, which is known to have an excellent reputation, I ordered a Pisco Sour. At the last minute I changed my mind and ordered a bottle of Rose wine. My friend decided to drink my Pisco Sour. As lunch wore on, he started really slurring his words. He apologized profusely and said he hadn’t really […]

wrapped gifts

Great Gifts for Travelers – under $15 1

When you’re seeking a great gift for a traveler — something this person can actually use while traveling — you ask friends for ideas and read “gift guides” but do they actually help? Are they realistic for this person’s travel? Can you afford them? (Did you know that per Fortune Magazine, More Than a Third of Americans Return Gifts They Receive Over the Holidays?)

wrapped gifts

Great Gifts for Travelers from $15-$30 1

This is what I call my Get-Real Gift Guide for People Who Travel because so many gifts given to a person who travels simply aren’t realistic as things a person can actually use while traveling. For a plane maybe, but not for the duration. If your friend must carry one-trick items for the entire time she/he is away, that isn’t actually helpful.

Travel regulations by country during Covid

Travelers and want-to-travelers want to know: Where can I travel now/next month/in November/in 2021? This map, published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), doesn’t predict the future but it helps you know what rules for flying into a country are in place at this time. You can use it for free during the Covid-19 crisis. It doesn’t show announced openings or land or sea info though. It’s called the Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map (powered by Timatic).

More tourist scams

No matter how you travel or where you travel, somewhere there are scammers waiting to take what’s yours. Don’t let scams ruin your travels, holiday, vacation. Be wiser than them by knowing the scams.