Daily Archives: January 31, 2023

Best email tip to prevent embarrassment

Have you ever sent an email…then wished you hadn’t? When composing an email, most people work from top to bottom. So you likely do this: Click/tap New Message Enter the recipient(s) Maybe add a Reply-To address Enter the email subject Compose message Add attachments Perhaps select or type your Signature Send I suggest you do NOT create an email in that order. Think about it… It’s always easy to get distracted, especially when traveling. While traveling, you’re likely working on an iPhone/Android, maybe a tablet — a smaller screen than when working on a desktop/laptop computer. You are more rushed when traveling because who wants to do email when the world awaits. It’s far too easy to send your words prematurely before you’ve thought them out To avoid embarrassment, create your email this way instead… Click/tap New Message DO NOT enter anything in the To, CC, or BCC fields. Skip […]

Oh No! I didn't want to SEND THAT email yet!