Welcome to my tales of travel and tech. (They go hand-in-hand in many ways.)

I created this site because so many people asked me to share my travels with them. Not just friends. Not just the 20-somethings you’d think of as long-term travelers, but mostly women 45+ whom I’d only met in passing or online!  (How could I give up having a home, give away belongings, pack a backpack, fly away to other countries with no plans!? And being over 50, didn’t I worry I was too old for that?)

Deb walking in Venice Italy with all of my stuff: Eagle Creek Hauler and day pack.

This is me — with ALL of my stuff, walking to my Venice accommodations. The blue daypack was replaced for my next trip.

So many women confided they newly had or would soon have the freedom and time to travel…. They were intrigued by my travels. They wanted to hear where I went, what I did, and how I pulled it off. So this site is for them, and for you if you’re in those shoes. 

Men and women of all ages ask me for packing and travel tips so you’ll find some of that here as well.

“Wow, girl, you sure get around. You are amazing: I love how you have made a good life for yourself as an independent woman of limited means.”   ~Elaine

In 2017, while getting ready to travel again between travels, I shared my ever-evolving packing choices (which I keep updated) and I invite you to read the apprehensive side of leaving again. Getting out of the US wasn’t easy that time as you’ll see in Stranded in an Airport and Stranded no more.

In my next adventure, I visited Sicily, mostly on an organized tour, actually by La RosaWorks, then more of Italy, Slovenia, Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Israel, and Cyprus.  After only 4 months though, I returned to LA for a can’t-miss wedding — and another. I got to attend the International Travel Goods Show 2018 and Travel & Adventure Show  2018. Then England for a small-town stay to do some writing. I traveled Wales, N Ireland and Ireland. From Ireland I flew RyanAir to Germany and from the airport, took Flixbus into Austria where I was met by a friend. (She goes back to my first long-term travels.) I had a fantastic time with her and her family. A funny thing happened though. After only 5 months, I was asked to house-sit for 4 months, so I went “home” for that and got to teach a seminar about how to travel. Five months later I was back in England to go boating/camping with a British friend in Wales. I also travelled northern England. I headed back to Austria and Israel, then returned to Berlin for IFA for Computer Talk Radio.  Next up was Romania. As the winter rains came to Romania, I headed south to the warmth of Israel figuring I’d head back north later on.  But within a few months I knew I really wanted to come “home” and stay put for a while. My timing was interesting. I found a place to stay, finished my 90 days in Israel, and on day 90  arrived “home.” It was February, right before the rumblings of the travel-killing virus got started. So I’m near family for now. In February meeting the tourism people from Nevada, I’d decided my next travels will be in my own car to Nevada, Memphis and elsewhere within the US. Funny, because with Covid shutting down international travel, we’re seeing a return to the Great American Roadtrip. Many of us will be discovering our own countries this year. But world travel will go on — and I’ll get back to it when I’m not feeling burned out. (Meanwhile, I have much of my last few years’ adventures to post! And more great travel equipment finds and advice.)


Whether you’re over 40, in your 50s, or 60 or 70, if you’ve wanted to travel the world but feel you don’t even come close to having the money to do so, maybe you actually can. What if…  you changed your perception of travel from vacation to experience — and found you really could pull it off?

Wondering if you’re “too old” to travel because there won’t be so many independent travelers your age? What I found in my 50s is that because everyone brings their culture, viewpoint, and knowledge to a conversation, I never felt old or too old to be in the conversation. When 26, my daily travel friends were all ages, too. Don’t let your age, whatever your age, stop you from traveling independently. Deb's logo

Part of my own method was to stop renting an apartment. (My landlord needed it back so I made lemonade and full-filled my hopes of traveling again.) Absent a great apartment, I turned my rent money into travel money. It costs less to rent a dorm bed or a room almost any place in the world than it did for me to rent my LA apartment any given night! I don’t have rental income as you might, but I continue to do my regular job from wherever I am. If I you have a home you can rent it out and that rent could be your travel money. Or you can house swap.

You don’t have to be wealthy or well-off! You can do it!

If my travels…

If my travels inspire you to come out into new places and experiences — great!

If my travels are good reading and bring you into my life to share it and learn from it — fab.

If you cannot travel physically, traveling vicariously is the next best thing, so I hope I do a good job of making people’s lives real for you.

BTW, I have also started teaching travel and am working that out.

~ Deborah, 2011-2020

PS: Here’s some great inspiration from Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Suess!