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What would an average man be best off packing for his one-bag travel? Today, I saw part of that answer — in a personable man named Rick.

Being a woman, my focus has mostly been on the clothing that a woman would be traveling. However, men also have the challenges of being ready for all types of events that come their way.

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Rick was terrific. The weather was cold. I needed warmth and he shared the heat of the single just-lit heater. He had a welcoming demeanor, smile, and voice. But before I knew that, as he sat quietly, alone, waiting for his friends, I noticed his style. He didn’t strike me as dressed fancy as if to impress. Yet he did impress. He was dressed casually, yet well.

What was Rick’s great clothing choice?

First, he had on a tee shirt. The weather was cold so it was a first layer. I could only barely notice it, peeking out from the v-neck of his next layer. (It didn’t show once he got up for the photo.)
His second layer was a golden yellow long-sleeved thin sweater or perhaps hoodie. (If it was a hoodie, it was the first time I was impressed by one. It would also work as a top layer without the blazer.)
His top layer was a casual, unadorned blazer.

I didn’t see him standing until after I asked if I could photograph him, and then learned he was wearing jeans. The jeans worked.

While so many men these days simply wear jeans and a tee shirt, Rick had a classier style that was impressive. The blazer classed him up. But then the pop of yellow gave him a whole other level of personality.

I didn’t ask what was in his travel bag, but I suggest to you that a long-term traveler would do well to pack a slightly fancier trouser as well. Simply Dockers — Chinos or Khakis. With the same top layers, they’d create a dressier version of the entire ensemble and work for another set of events.


Rick’s footwear, by the way, was simply a comfortable sneaker. But a solid blue that matched his clothing and didn’t have branding or stripes or such detracting from his casual classic look.

Wondering how to pack a blazer?

You might think you need a suit bag or some fancy luggage to pull off keeping a blazer looking good as you travel. You might consider it too hard to maintain.

A blazer can be folded nicely into a duffel bag or any single bag for travel though. Here’s the Men’s Wearhouse pictorial on How to Pack a Blazer.

When you feel your blazer, or any garment, is too wrinkled, the easiest way to fix that is to steam it. That’s where the Steam Clip™ comes in handy. See my recommendation for the Steam Clip here.


My mini traveler experience

After ordering appetizers to try the Banana Leaf Indonesian/Indian Cuisine at The Farmer’s Market, a Los Angeles CA landmark, I turned to find a seat for my 7-minute wait.

Rick was seated closest to the just-lit heater and could tell I wanted some heat, so he offered me the seat across from him. His two companions could take the next set of seats, he volunteered. I got to try a new eatery and find its impressive food.

I got to have an impromptu conversation with three great people, learned some things about LA (even though it’s my home), and learned about their travels. I’m in my adopted hometown, but that didn’t stop me from having a fabulous traveler experience.

Banana Leaf @ The Farmer’s Market
333 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-4627
Banana Leaf @ The Farmer’s MarketYelp reviews

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2 thoughts on “Long-term travel packing idea for men

  • Leena

    Thank you for this blog post. You have accurately captured Rick’s classic and seemingly effortless style. I believe dressing for comfort is important at all times – especially when you travel. It is essential to wear layers and sensible shoes, to manage yourself in all types of weather and in all possible situations. Rick strikes a perfect balance of style and comfort, reflecting a fashion sense that is timeless!