OneWorld 65 Power Adapter for 200+ Countries, USB-A & USB-C charging

OneWorld 65 International Adapter, by OneAdaptr

OneWorld65 international electric adapter and USB chargerAs OneAdaptr™ — the company that makes this, USB charger and electric adapter says:
“it’s not rocket science…
it is socket science”

One international power adapter for 200+ countries, USB-A, USB-C

I’ve owned, or have been offered, several block-shaped chargers for my travels over the years. Each time, I’ve opted not to carry one. For the size and weight, none offered enough benefit. It was easier to carry individual adapters and purchase a new type as I arrived in a new country. BUT… I also traveled with a laptop and needed a power block for that.

Two things changed. Apple switched to USB-C power and I was introduced to the OneWorld 65 International Adapter 65W Charger from OneAdaptr. Game changer.

If you’re traveling with a USB-C powered laptop, the OneWorld 65 eliminates the need to carry that computer’s power supply so it’s immediately a winning item to pack. (Just be sure to have a very long UCB-C cable.)

With the OneWorld 65 it’s nice to not wonder which adapter you’ll need in the next country, but more than that, you’ll be able to charge up to 6 devices at once and not require multiple power sockets.

It’s easy to pack because all prongs retract into the cube. Only 3 smooth plastic sliders stick out on the side, but there’s nothing to stick out and break. There’s nothing to tear your belongings.

OneAdaptr says it works in over 200 countries. In 2022, each search I do shows there are approximately or arguably 195 countries, some non-country unofficial locations. So, with Oneadaptr you’re well covered.

You can plug it into just about every wall, power 6 USB connectors in it and plug just about every power plug into it, still might be worth the weight.

It’s fairly weighty though, (6.7oz/190gm) so if you’re counting weight and not taking a laptop and are definitely only going to a couple of countries or to countries that only require a couple of adapters, you might not want to carry this.

On the other hand… the OneWorld 65 provides a lot of flexibility so it’s a little easier to go wherever the four winds blow.


These specs and more are on the paper manual in the box.

Height 3.3″ / 77mm
Width 2.13 / 54mm” across – 2″ a bit more for the blue sliders that expose the connections, 2.13″
Depth 2.09″ / 53mm— how far it sticks out from the wall

190 grams / 6.7 ounces

Charging connections

  • The universal AC socket on the front accepts electric power plugs from many countries. This socket supports 100–250V at 10A for up to 2500 watts. (See next section.)
  • 2 USB-A connectors — Smart charging ports, each with a maximum of 15W of charging power.
  • 2 USB-C connectors — Smart charging ports
  • 1 more USB-C connector, conveniently located on the side, provides 65W to power/charge a MacBook/laptop while also charging up to 5 other devices! It’s called a USB PD (Power Delivery) charging port with QC (Quick Charge)

OneWorld65 Specifications

Countries’ electric plugs the OneWorld 65 accepts

The OneWorld 65 accepts the following electric plugs: types A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, L, and N. In other words, these are the country’s plugs that you can plug into this adapter.

It does not accept types D, H, K, M, or O.

I spent a lot of time seeking this information on the website and couldn’t find it so this is an iPhone Magnifier image of the paper insert.
Chart of countries the OneWorld 65 accepts

Electric outlets the OneWorld 65 adapter can plug into

The site’s menu item, Power Guide, tells you by county, which power outlet style the country uses and which OneWorld 65 prongs to use. You can always check that Power Guide’s country list to see that your intended destination is covered.

Here’s a photo of their enclosed manual so you can see the prong configuration as well.
Countries the OneWorld 65 can plug into

Plugging this international adapter into the wall

To plug into the wall you press and slide one of the three sliders. Each works for multiple countries.

  • USA (without ground post) and Australia — the same 2 prongs turn slightly outward at the bottom.
    • In US mode you cover 59 countries including China, Japan, Antigua, and Vietnam.
    • In Australia mode (slide US, then turn the prongs) you’re covered for 27 countries including China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu (some pretty cool islands!)
  • UK: You’re covered for 65 countries including Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, Tanzania, UAE, and Zambia
  • EU: You’re all set for 134 countries including all of Europe, North Macedonia, South Korea, Saint Martin, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe. (Oddly, their chart says Israel is Australian but I use EU there.)

Note that some countries have two or three standards.

OneWorld 65 International Adapter, made by from OneAdaptr

The 3 sliders enable plugging into over 200 country’s electricity. The 4th is the US/Australia slider with prongs turned.

Other Features

It comes with a soft pouch that fits it comfortably and has a slide lock to keep it closed.

The fuse in it is replaceable. Instructions are on paper in the box.

It’s just one piece.

GaN (Gallium Nitride) Technology

GaN chargers are smaller, more efficient, and cooler when charging. You may be seeing the label GaN on plugs/charging ports in stores. But what is it?

In short, GaN is now replacing Silicon, which decades ago replaced the vacuum tube. You may notice that it runs cooler when in use and enables smaller devices. You might not notice but GaN devices actually require less power.

The GaN resisters inside these new devices are perhaps ten times smaller than the silicon resisters we’ve had inside our devices.

GaN costs less to manufacture so GaN devices cost less to manufacture. It conducts electrons perhaps more than 1000 times more efficiently than silicon. In other words, transistors made with it run 10 times faster. (Disclaimer: I got this info from various websites just to fill you in a bit. I am not responsible for the accuracy.)

The website:
This World Adapter, OneWorld 65
$67.49 as I write this

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