Packing a pump bottle for travel – easier with DripLock

Do you wish to carry a pump bottle while traveling, but find it a hassle?

How can you easily pack a pump bottle for travel or other transport so it won’t pump its contents into your luggage contents or drive you crazy packing it up every time you move locations?

Would you believe an 18-year-old young woman came up with a flexible solution — DripLock — and by 20, Kelly Shea, still in college, has made it a reality? (She’s the sole founder.)

DripLock video still to show how it works

DripLock in the open position to be closed around the pump's neckI have not had the opportunity yet to see DripLock in action in person or to try it at home, as I must miss the event she invited me to meet her/it at. However, I think it worth sharing with you and if/when I get to see and try it, I’ll update you here.

I’d describe the DripLock as a set of five interlocking and stacking pump-blockers that you use to prevent the pump from depressing when not wanted. (As when in your luggage, or perhaps a parent’s baby bag, or when moving to a new home.) But additionally, there’s the everyday use of setting your pump to avoid over-pumping something like a coffee flavoring or wasting a hand/body cream.
DripLock sells for $14.99 (tax included) on her website. This includes 5 DripLock pieces in Light Gray or Light Blue and a storage bag. I don’t know the shipping fees.

Existing alternatives for packing a pump bottle

Most pump bottles come in a down/locked position and can be returned to that position by pressing down on the pump as you turn it in the direction opposite the unlock icon typically indicated on the pump. (See this explained.) But, will it stay locked in your luggage? If you tape it into position, will that help? Maybe also put it into a plastic bag or container. And if it stays locked, how many times will you have to do this as you travel?
You can try this lengthy, messy process to carry a pump bottle, and hope/pray that the pump stem doesn’t get broken while out of the bottle. Personally, I wouldn’t try or trust any part of this, and I would not be happy about the loss of the extra lotion.

I can’t say for sure yet, but I suspect I’d rather use Kelly’s DripLock solution. (Although being extra cautious at all times, I’d still put the container in a sealed plastic bag.)

This might also be a good host gift for a fellow traveler or parent of a youngster.

If you try DripLock I’d love for you to leave a comment to share your experience.

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