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The more I travel, the more aware I become of other places I’d like to visit. My gotta-go-there list, aka bucket list for future travels grows with conversation. Here’s the gist of it.

Where I want to go in the United States

I’ve visited, therefore experienced, many of my home country’s 50 states. However, some places within those states allude me. I’m still looking forward to, trying to get to these places in particular.

Funny thing… when you look at a travel map and check off where-you’ve-been by country, the United States is one checkmark. But there are 50 states and many varied regions within most or all of those states.

New Orleans

Actually, although I’ve driven across the USA twice, I have never planted my feet in Louisiana. I’ve long had interesting, bright, friends in New Orleans, thanks to my time in the Macintosh community.


The culture, the food, the music, and the history. Again, Memphis was a 2020 goal and it still awaits me. Wondering about it? Visit and check out

One thing I want to do is visit The Burkle Estate, the Underground Railroad Museum. I love stories of real-life heroes, and stories of how people come together to outsmart their conqueror or captor. I have long been fascinated by the Underground Railroad, the greatest such outsmarting in the United States.

And of course, there’s a pyramid along the river, ducks in a hotel lobby, and a grotto. (I have got to see that Crystal Shrine Grotto!) Of course, right? Then there’s more history such as The National Civil Rights Museum, great original American music on Beale Street, and some place called Graceland. Then there’s Mud Island River Park. And I don’t want to miss an opportunity to kayak and canoe on the Mighty Mississippi River!

Arizona, Utah

I’ve been to some of the Arizona Grand Canyon twice. But there’s a lot to the Grand Canyon and the area around it! There’s so much of it still on my travel bucket list! For example, there’s Horseshoe Bend in the northeast corner and there’s Monument Valley. It’s over a 2-hour drive just between those two, and there’s everything in between. Going west from Horseshoe Bend there’s Vermilion Cliffs National Monument and The Wave. It’s silly to name all of the areas or parks or monuments. Every moment will be an experience. I’d planned a personal road trip there in 2020 but we all know what that year was like. 2022 looked good for this but out-of-town-family took priority.


There is much more to Nevada than Las Vegas — and I’d like to experience it. For one, I want to drive the world’s loneliest road.

California Wine Country

I know that for many of you who have not been to Southern California or San Francisco, those places are on your radar and maybe your own wishlist. Those are places I have experienced many times (and recommend). But I have never gotten north of San Francisco — up to the wine country. The folks in Sonoma have told me about it and shared some wine with me, and well, it’s a place I’d like to visit and relax for a while.


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