Quick catch-up since 2017

A quick catch-up since 2017.

The first time I went to Italy, I was 26 and due to a cute guy, I opted to head to Florence with him and missed going down to Sicily. I finally rectified that when I joined a LaRoad Works tour.

I also revisited Slovenia, always loving to see a great couple I met at 25.

I visited Bratislava (Slovakia) and took a side-trip via train there and bus back, to Prague (Czech Republic). This time I flew RyanAir from Bratislava to Tel Aviv. That was perhaps my most fun flight because the guys heading there for a holiday were having such a good time and included me.

After my return visit to Israel, I got to Cyprus.

Later, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. From Ireland RyanAir to Germany and Flixbus into Austria where I was met by a friend (from my first, 3-year-long-term travels of my “youth.”) Then back in England to go boating/camping with a British friend in Wales and travel northern England. Back to Austria and Israel, then Berlin for IFA for Computer Talk Radio.

Romania. I have so much to tell you. My own family history there is not good but the country is very interesting and my travels there were great. Then, as winter rains hit, I headed south to the warmth of Israel.

In late 2019, realizing I was burned out and really wanted to come “home” to stay put, for a year, I thought. I found a place to live and returned in early 2022. I planned on having a month or two to relax and then catch up with friends.

Meeting the tourism people from Nevada and Memphis, I had decided for 2020 I’d do local-ish “home” travels in my own car. I was looking forward to Nevada, Memphis, and elsewhere within the US. Horseshoe bend and Utah called to me too.

But weeks after I arrived “home” rumblings of the travel-killing virus started.

So here it is, 2 years later. Hotels have opened. Hostels are an option. The price of gas in the US, particularly in Los Angeles, isn’t quite appealing. So so far Arizona, Nevada, Memphis, and Utah remain for later.

On my radar now is Ecuador. And Jamaica. I’d planned on the Caribbean as my first 2012 travels and South America after Central America shortly after.


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