Up the road there is phone & signal

I am so happy to be online right now. I have been unable to get the Claro card signal since arriving on my friend’s street on Friday. I was told I could walk up the road and get signal but didn’t welcome the idea of sitting outside on the road to work.

Yesterday I learned of a shop 10 minutes walk up the road where there would be signal where I figured I could sit and work. It was decided that Morrie should walk me there. (My friends are being very protective and they worry about me carrying an iPhone.) But walking isn’t much fun, so  instead Moorie and Richard, both 11, took me across the water in their boat to get signal.

Today Morrie walked past and I asked where he was going. He was heading to this same store. I walked with him. Turns out to be an easy walk — and that I have shopped in this store before, only arriving by boat. With enough Internet to see a map, traveling around by boat, I had no picture of where I was in relation to land.

So now I can do a bit of work and stay in touch while visiting my friends. (I had planned to leave yesterday but hard rains kept me visiting. Not that I mind. It is hard to say goodbye to these people, these friends.

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