Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

Safety appeal to Cruisers, please butt in!

After I got off the sailboat I was on, I had the opportunity to see or speak with five sets of cruisers who had known me. Three of those couples said they were relieved that I was out of that situation and told me that they were concerned for me. Each stated why — and the reasons were consistent. So this is an appeal to cruisers. If you meet up with a person who is on board another person’s sailboat or motorboat and you have any question about that passenger/crew person’s safety, please, please, PLEASE, tell that person! I was not aware that there is a ship’s roster and the repercussions of not being on it. I was not aware that 3 lights, or any lights, are legally required on a boat at night to mark it safely. I was not aware that it is required to fly flags. I […]

Transportation on Roatan

On the Bay Island of Roatan, there is only one main road which runs across its length.

At one point it crosses from running on the north shore at the west side to the south shore on the east side. From that main road, you will see offshoots that lead to the various towns and resorts. These tend to be marked with large signs. You will not find signs marking street names; there are no street names or street addresses on Roatan. Instead, you need to know landmarks.

There are busses on Roatan, but they — and the bus stops — are not easy to spot. Tourists tend to take taxis. The busses are actually mini-vans. From what I have seen, they are white and rather unmarked. A bus will go all over, off the main road into the various neighborhoods, so it can take a couple of hours to get across the island.