A Sunday in Oakridge, Roatan

Sunday May 20, 2012, 6:09pm

I am sitting on the front stoop of my friend’s home. Omar and 11 year old Richard went out fishing today, so 11 year old More is helping Omar clean the fish now: scaling, removing guts, cleaning. Actually, they were just doing the last two as I arrived. More’s grandmother makes sure that the plastic bag goes into the garbage and not in the sea. He sweeps the porch. Some of the fish will be dinner tonight. The rest will go into the freezer. And now it’s bath time for the fishing crew.

The street lights went on as I was sitting and writing this. This house is the end of the line for the lights. I wish there were a few more as there are now homes up the road. Someday. However this particular road ends at the jungle a ways up so although the gas truck services the full road and there is phone service, for now the lights end.

The house is quiet as most of the family is off at a birthday party. Down at Roy’s store where I enjoy hanging out with Roy, the men are gathered watching the Football (soccer) world championship. So I have some time to sit and write. (I have a few mosquito bites from last night’s soup fest and new from today’s dusk, but they aren’t driving me so crazy that I cannot think.

A bit earlier, around 4, I had a nice dinner with my hostess. Baked fish steak that she cooked, broccoli that she bought from the veggie truck today, and potato salad, plus a pasta salad brought to her by a friend. Oh, and a brownie from the same nice woman!

At noon I came up the road to see Delia and had, under protest, lunch. My peanut butter on coconut bread didn’t satisfy Delia and her mother as a meal, so I just had to have some of Delia’s chicken, beans, and rice. Life here as I visit with friends is tough, eh? Actually, I have one more ready to eat mango that I bought from a veggie truck a few days ago (15 limpera) and a ready to eat pineapple that I bought from today’s truck (30 Limpera). I thought they would be my meals. I think I will cut the pineapple later have it tonight and tomorrow.



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