Congo Carnival in Portobelo, Panama

I happen to be in Portobelo, Panama during the Congo Festival. In the early afternoon four men dressed up for this traditional celebration came up to Captain Jack’s, whistles blowing, acting in the traditional goofiness.

Their faces were painted the blackest black, making their lips ever-so-pink and they were always sticking their tongues out. That is part of the celebration, which is to mock the Spanish, their former enslavers. (In the days of the Spaniards here, people were brought from the Congo as slaves.)

Later in the day, Gary and I were walking in town and watched as the men surrounded a car in the road and
one man stepped in front of the car and laid in the road with his feet up on the hood of the car.

Still later, we were walking home from seeing the Negro Christo (Black Jesus statue) when the guys noticed me and came upon me. To be continued….

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