Hoping for a boat

It is 8:20am. I am again sitting at Captain Jack’s bar, upon the bar stool immediately beside the radio.

I woke up before 7, took a fast (cold) shower, threw my sarong on to rush from the bathroom, then quickly donned my dress to run upstairs.

There are two reasons for my early rise and rush — but both are because late last night I met a guy named Aaron who was lucky enough to be invited onto the boat that is sailing to Bocas del Toro this morning and I asked him to please put in a word for this solo traveler. I wrote down my contact info and my credentials. He said “I want to be the person that wakes you up with a call to get down to the boat. Sleep with that phone.”

I absolutely did sleep with my phone! But, I do not get Claro phone reception down in the dorms and I did not want to miss that call, so I came upstairs as soon as it was viable. The other reason to be upstairs is in case they radioed me.

The radio is my connection to the water. At least with the boats that are anchored here. I sure wish there was a radio that caught all of Panama!

In Panama City I don’t have access to any radio unless I take a $5 taxi to Balboa Yacht Club every day.

Anyway, it is nearly 9. I will make one more appeal on the morning net today. If it is meant to be, a connection will happen today.

If not, I will happily next go toward Isla Boca Brava as it is a place I have wanted to see since I was in David.

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