Killed my hair dryer

I was absolutely determined this time to carry a hairdryer and have hair that looks nice and polished each day.

That was not meant to happen.

Be careful what you wish for. I am carrying only a 50 L carry-on duffel bag that converts to a small backpack and after logging in around the Miami airport for a day and walking five or 6 miles in one day just to find a plane out of Miami and another 5 miles the next day to get somewhere, I was feeling the load. I was wishing my backpack would be later and have more room. But there was nothing that I wanted to part with. I felt everything I had to be an essential.

Having finally escaped from Miami because of a sympathetic American Airlines staffer, I was in New York City JFK airport. Frankly, I smelled. I certainly did not feel good and I know I did not look good. The American Airlines and Ambassador lounge people felt no sympathy for me. There was no chance they would allow me to use their shower for even five minutes. So instead I bathed in the public women’s room. And… I blew dry my hair. That was my downfall.

I remembered to change the voltage so the hairdryer would work in the United States. I remembered to remember to change the voltage back before I used it in Europe – until I forgot.

Exhausted upon my arrival in Sicily after too many days of unnecessary travel (thank you so much American Airlines) I plugged in my hairdryer, set to 115v, and just started to use it. In 10 seconds it was red hot. Just as I noticed it, in about 15 seconds total it stopped working. The European voltage of 230 or 240 overloaded it. It has been a couple of days and I have tried it a couple of times. In one moment it turns red hot and stops working, then it is so hot that it takes a long time to cool down. The hairdryer is dead. All I can do now is place it in the trash so it doesn’t hurt anyone. I borrowed a scissors from the front desk and cut the cord so no one will be hurt trying to use it. Then, with sadness, regret, and a sense of failure I unceremoniously placed it in the otherwise empty garage can.

I now have extra space in my backpack. I should’ve been careful what I wish for when wishing for more space.

However I did wish for a hairdryer.

I suppose I need to better prioritize my wishes.

I was determined to look good during this entire trip. I suppose as a backpacker I am never meant to look normal.

I cannot say that I like American Airlines as much anymore.

Time to better cut my hair to look better without blowing it. I am still keeping my great hair brush though.

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