Zakopane dinner of Spinach Pierogi

Here’s the place that attracted our attention for a good sit-down meal for a late lunch or early dinner. The Pierogi caught my attention. I ordered the Spinach Pierogi for 12zl. When the waitress brought it, swimming in butter, I had one bite and was in heaven.


I know I took photos of it, but don’t know what happened to those photos. So I can only share a photo of the restaurant and show you its menus.

The menus

The menus: Click for full size to read them.

Arranging the night’s accommodations as we ate

Dorota needed to get back to work so our mini holiday was ending soon. We were taking a bus back to Krakow by dark. Dorota was worried about me having a place to stay. I wasn’t. I had called Joanna, a woman with whom I’d stayed the first time I came through Krakow because she’d told me to call when I returned. Besides, I can always walk into the hostel next to the JCC that I’d already checked out. But to alleviate her nervousness, as we ate, I used my iPhone to book that hostel.

Not long after we left the restaurant, I got a call back from Joanna. She’d arranged for me to stay with her friend near her own home. I thanked her and told her that I’d booked the hostel. That as I’d arrive very late, it was for the best. Dorota said,  “Oh, and I was so worried about it. Now I understand.” Something always does work out.

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