Raspberry flavored beer at Kolorowa in Zakopane Poland

Zakopane-Poland-Kolorowa-musicians_[00889]While in Zakopane our first evening, Dorota and I stopped in for a late night drink at Kolorowa Restauracja, a friendly restaurant, and bar that had a live band playing traditional music when we arrived.

This is the front part of Kolorowa. It looks like a vegetable market and besides that, it looks like a deli and a kitchen.

The musicians are just sitting there, playing there add the flavor of the area music. (Sorry my only photo of them or the front is blurry.)


Enjoying my raspberry beer

We took this smaller table and, as I am not a beer drinker Dorota introduced me to a way of sweetening it — this raspberry beer drink.2014-08-03_21.42.23_Zakopane-Poland-Beer-Closeup_[Lumix_00894]

Do you see the last item on the menu below: Sok malinowy do piwa
That’s what we had.
The translation is: “raspberry juice to/for beer.”
It’s a 1zl add-in. (zł is złoty, pronounced (tzwo teh).

sok = juice
malinowy = raspberry
piwa = beer

This raspberry juice is a thick sweet syrup that you add to tea or water — or beer. The beer we happened to have it with was Harnaś.


The beer and the bar.


Curious about Polish beer?

Here’s a good Wikipedia article, Beer in Poland.

Harnaś is brewed by Carlsberg Polska by the Okocim Brewery. Here’s a Wikipedia article about the Okocim Brewery.

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