Scenes of a day in Zakopane Poland

Dorota and I spent our days in Zakopane simply walking around and enjoying the sites, sounds, and foods — despite the rain. (Remember you can click an image to enlarge it.)

Zakopane Poland street scene

Zakopane Poland street scene

Street in Zakopane Poland

Street in Zakopane Poland


Street in Zakopane Poland

Rainy street in Zakopane Poland

Zakopane Poland's local cheese

Zakopane Poland’s local cheese

One of the things you can’t miss is the local cheese. It’s sold in each of the main areas of Zakopane and comes in many sizes, shapes, and nuances.

Notice it’s not refrigerated? It’s all quite salty and doesn’t need refrigeration. At least not until cut info or for some time.

I brought some back to Warsaw as a gift to my host and hostess there.

The Square
Food stalls surrounded a local square (well circle). The potato pancake stand was irresistible as our lunch. They serve these hot crisp beauties covered in cream.

 potato pancake stand in Zakopane

One of several potato pancake stands in Zakopane.

potato pancake

The potato pancake prices


A pancake customer in Zakopane

A pancake customer in Zakopane

eating potato pancake in Zakopane Poland

Enjoying our npotato pancakes in Zakopane Poland. (Dorota doesn’t normally get food all over her face; couldn’t resist for this photo.)

A town square in Zakopane Poland

Entertainment and a rainbow in a Zakopane town square.

I got to people-watch as we joined others sitting on a low stone curb to enjoy our casual snack or meal. The entertainment included this man with a giant bubbles show.

Amusement area

There’s also a simple amusement park.

Amusement area, Zakopane Poland

Amusement area panorama, Zakopane Poland

More of the amusement area

I would have like to have tried riding that mechanical bull

Afternoon warm-up with Polish Tea

Herbata po goralsku, a Polish tea

Herbata po goralsku

We stopped at this cafe to get out of the rain. An afternoon warm-up in a coffee shop decorated with old electronics and Polish record albums (Soviet era 70s or so).

Dorota introduced me to Herbata po goralsku — a traditional regional mountain drink to keep you warm. It’s a regular tea (Lipton’s common tea in this case) with Vodka.   (10 zl)

The music playing is all Polish.
Two of the songs:
Zbigniew Wodecki singing a Chalupy (Welcome to Chalupy). A lovely best that feels good. Chalupy is a famous seaside beach.

Alicja Majewska singing a song from the 80s.

Polish record albums and the street, Zakopane, Poland

Polish record albums on the wall of this Retro-decor coffee shop and a view of the pedestrian street.

Coffee shop decorated with old electronics.

Coffee shop. Notice the old electronics.

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