Subway™ — even in Zakopane, a resort town

I noticed the American chain, Subway™, in a lot of places. But it really took me by surprise when I saw it in Zakopane! I wasn’t surprised to see it elsewhere in Poland — but to see an American chain in a classic old-style resort town… well, I never expected to see anything American there! And I don’t recall seeing anything else American. I’m not sure there were even any other chains there, American, Polish, or other.

Subway is even in Zakopane Poland.

Subway is even in Zakopane Poland.

Of course, whenever I did see it, I tried to go in and take photos of the menus in each country. (In Panama I ate at Subway once. I didn’t try it in Poland.) Inside, they all looked pretty much the same as in the USA.

Inside Subway

Inside this Subway™ shop



Subway menu — same $5 Footlong, noted next to the Awokado sign.

In Europe where they use the metric system, the sandwhiches were 15cm and 30cm, which works out to slightly smaller sandwhiches. 5.9″ and 11.81 actually.

At this time, the $5 Footlong was the big special — and every Subway™ I saw had the equivilent. So the Footlong is 30 cm, which is acutally 11.81 inches. Rather than being $5 though, it is price-adjusted, so it’s  7.95 zolty, approximately $1.95.

Another sign at the Zakopane Poland Subway shop.

Another sign at the Zakopane Poland Subway™ shop.

6" sub special 2013

6″ sub special $2 Panamanian, $2 US

By the way, here’s a 6″ (well 15cm) sub special at a Subway™  in Panama City 2013. (Sorry, the parking lot is reflected in the window.)

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