Hostel in West End, Roatan, Honduras

If you are a solo or budget traveler wanting to stay in West End Roatan you don’t have to foot the bill for a $70/night hotel room or cabin by yourself.

I missed finding this place online because I searched for “hostel,” but found it by walking around and asking others. I liked where I stayed in Sandy Bay, enjoying the owner and that it was right by an fantastic medical clinic. But you might want to stay closer to the more touristy area where the scuba classes happen and there are tourist-oriented restaurants and swimming.

So this is the place:

Georphi’s Tropical Hideaway
Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras
504-2445-4104 or 504-2445-4205

$10/night for a bed in a 6 bed (3 bunks) room that has its own bathroom. She provides sheets and even has soap and shampoo packets. I didn’t get to stay there but she gave me keys to check out several rooms. I also met some people staying there. I believe I can easily recommend it. And I must admit, I wish I’d stayed there. I will next time.

Thre is an official website and also a Facebook page.

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