Skype call on Honduran data card

Tonight I did my segment for Computer Talk Radio (on the air, syndicated radio show) via Skype as usual, but used my new Claro data card on my unlocked iphone 4GS.

The Skype Voice call for 24 minutes was about 10mb sent and 10mb received. I thought it would be much more data!

Claro, in case you are interested, is the less expensive of the two Honduras cellular carriers. I paid 290 Limpera for a 15 day period providing me with 5 Gb of data. For 490 you can have 1month and 7gb. An additional week will be 140 for another 7 days, 3gb.

My first card was TIGO. I paid 45 Limpera for the card. (There was no charge for the Claro card.) Then they get 500 Limpera for a month and it gives you 5gb.

The exchange rate is 19 Limpera to a dollar but we all round it to 20, so 100L is $5.

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