Lazy home day in Roatan

Yesterday was a lazy home day, at home at Yolanda’s with her little girls, Amy and Adrie. The plan was for Dalia to come and work with me on some writing but she got busy with other things and never made it. A couple of their other sisters came over, and a couple of cousins. My major activity of the day was scratching or trying not to scratch the various bites that cover my arms, back, and lower legs. In between I had some fun with the kids and digital camera.

One thing’s for sure: now I know very, very, very well how 2-year old girls with not-yet-talking but walking baby sister plays cooking-and-serving-you invisible food in Roatan. Well, serving you, at least. She hasn’t mastered invisible fake cooking yet — but I sure did a lot of eating.

I got to catch up on this blog a bit, tried to write a bit in an article about Roatan. Seriously though, the itching is so intense and annoying and varied that I could not concentrate. For the first time, I thought about ending my Latin America travels just due to the bites.

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