Great meal off the beaten track in Boquette

Boquette is a small mountain-surrounded town a 30 minute drive from David. The volcanic soil there and its climate make it the vegetable garden of Panamá. The climate is beautiful as ate the vistas.

Most short-term visitors dine on the park at Central Park or two blocks up the road at a choose-your-food buffet that my meal companions and I enjoyed.
However, my friends Mike and Mike live and work in Boquette and took me to a favorite place of theirs — Nelvis — that Mike says is always great.

I did not take photos of my meal but have photos of Nelvis’ facade to share with you. (And yep, that is Mike and Mike in the photo.)

About the food:
There were several good looking meat dishes in offer as well as fried (not greasy) chicken — and side dishes. As I do not eat Cilantro, the meats’ sauces were not an option. I had a good sized piece of white meat chicken, whole black beans, and a string bean salad for $2.75. My friends added rice for just a bit more. It was really good. And the water is out for you to easily take as you desire.

Some directions:
If you are in the park facing Central Park, Nelvis is one street further to the left of the street that runs beside the park on your left. Ask and I am sure locals will direct you to it.

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