Fab fish dinner, $3 in David, Panama

Having traveled all the way down from Mexico to Panama,* I can now say that I believe Panama has the best food for the least cost. At least I can say that for the local small eatery food in David and Boquette.

This was my dinner today, and two other evenings. It is served at a small restaurant on a residential street, not a commercial strip, across from Bambu Hostel in David.
It is:
• A fish filet, fried but not at all greasy. Just a perfect, crispy light breading.
• Thinly sliced pickle with a mustard dressing.
• Patacones – Green Plantains that are fried, then smashed, then fried the rest of the way.
(My iPhone photo didn’t do it justice or you would be drooling right now.)

Water is free. The water here is clean volcano water. No need for plastic water.
A Balboa cerveza is $1.00.

Wondering what else is on this restaurant’s menu? Nothing else. They cook fish and only fish — and do it perfectly. But you can get a whole fish for $7 instead of the $3 filet.

*I did not eat in Nicaragua and do not plan to due to their government officials, having seen how they get off on threats of locking an American away in jail. Nicaragua IS a dangerous place! And I mean the border crossings, not street thugs.

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