Data cards for Internet in Honduas

If you have an unlocked iPhone or other smart phone, you can purchase and use data cards to get Internet as you travel. You can also use these sim cards in USB modems that connect to your computer.

In Honduras I used data cards in an unlocked iPhone 3GS.

Claro is the less expensive of the two Honduras cellular carriers. I was given the sim card free at the Claro store, a proper Claro shop, not local, small shop reseller. You can buy 1 day, 7 day, 15 day, or 30 day cards. I paid 290 Limpera for a 15 day period providing me with 5 Gb of data. For 490 you can have 1month and 7gb. An additional week will be 140 for another 7 days, 3gb.

My first card was TIGO. I paid 45 Limpera for the sim card.
I paid 150 Limpera for a 7 day card that gave me 2Gb.
I asked for a 2 week card and was told I could not get that, and it was not possible to buy my second week the day I bought the first week and activate it later.
A 1 month card, providing 5 gb is 500 Limpera.

There is another cell service provider, called Digicell. However, it was purchased by Claro. I am not sure if Cigicell was/is phone calls only, or whether it had data service. As I write this, you can no longer purchase a Digicell branded phone. However, Claro has not incorporated Digicell coverage yet.

It is worth noting that on Roatan, at least, stores saw my iPhone and first said they cannot help me. When I said it was a 3GS and not a 4, I was OK. They did not have the sim for the iPhone 4/4S.

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