A Day in the West End & West Bay, Roatan Honduras 1

I walked to Anthony’s Cay to learn about the Dolphin show. Flagged down a bus from there to the end of the bus route in West End. It was hard to resist getting off to buy some of the fresh fruit being sold on the street but I wanted go beyond where I had been before. (I also noticed there were few people i the streets. Most guests there are there to dive and were out.)

I am glad I stayed on the bus. I was let off near the water taxi and I walked further down on the fairly empty beach. This is where the sailboats anchor out. There were 4 or 5 boats but I couldn’t read their names.

I kept walking and got to another dice resort. I had a few good conversations there, learning more about diving and diving in Roatan. I was thinking of continuing my walk. A boat repairman on the beach had said it was about a 30 minute walk to West Bay. However, the waiter at this dice resort said he thought it safer to take the water taxi (50L). He taught me that rather than walking back, I could stand at the end of his pier and flag down a passing water taxi. (Nice pier, too.) That was so cool to do! I liked the passengers as well, learning from them.

The West Bay is indeed different as people said. It is real beach, sandy beach, not just water meets land. And it is resorts but not like the hotel zone of Cancun and not like Playa del Carmen either. There were two large resorts with pools but the rest of the beach was bars or shops right in the sand. Sort of Venice Beach or part of Santa Monica LA if you put the shops right on the sand.

Off the beach, down a paved road that is well signed, I found a local shop the balayata was 20L with beans, cheese and white butter. The co-owner spoke great English and was very helpful.
(By the hostel I paid 15L for one with eggs in it. This would have been just 10L.)

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One thought on “A Day in the West End & West Bay, Roatan Honduras

  • Bill Sharp

    Hi Deb,

    We’ve spoken a couple of times on the phone, and I live near the Ace Hardware store in long Beach, CA, where you have a friend.

    Roatan is one of our favorite places in the world Wife Claire swam with those dolphins for over an hour. Said it was like playing with puppies. Hope you post your Roatan photos sometime. We’d like to compare yours to ours, which were taken in 1993 (Claire’s 50th birthday.

    Did you get to Tikal?