Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

Data cards for Internet in Honduas

If you have an unlocked iPhone or other smart phone, you can purchase and use data cards to get Internet as you travel. You can also use these sim cards in USB modems that connect to your computer. In Honduras I used data cards in an unlocked iPhone 3GS. Claro is the less expensive of the two Honduras cellular carriers. I was given the sim card free at the Claro store, a proper Claro shop, not local, small shop reseller. You can buy 1 day, 7 day, 15 day, or 30 day cards. I paid 290 Limpera for a 15 day period providing me with 5 Gb of data. For 490 you can have 1month and 7gb. An additional week will be 140 for another 7 days, 3gb. My first card was TIGO. I paid 45 Limpera for the sim card. I paid 150 Limpera for a 7 day card […]

Packing list: Dental floss

I highly recommend packing dental floss for your extended travels or backpacking. Get the largest roll in the smallest package that you can find — and like. (If you don’t like the feel and use of your floss you won’t use it.) Flossing removes the plaque from your teeth, keeping you and your teeth and gums healthier, but there’s more. You can use it to scrape your tongue. I know, some toothbrushes have a tongue scraper on them, but you should be taking a travel toothbrush or taking the smallest, lightest toothbrush you can find. Plus, the supply and style of toothbrushes vary between countries and you may travel longer than is good for one toothbrush. I have heard of people using floss in lieu of string as well. NOTE: I wrote this May 2012, before I knew about Cocofloss. Now, although I wish the Cocofloss container was smaller, I no […]

What to do for Diarrhea when traveling

In my travels I became friends with an RN (Registered Nurse) who shared some advice with me to help me stay well. I am sharing some of that advice — about what to do for diarrhea — here. However, you must know that I am not a medical professional, this advice does not replace a doctor’s advice, and if you take this advice you may not hold me responsible for the outcome. If, as you are traveling, you develop diarrhea, but do not have blood involved: For the first day just take Pepto Bismal. If it helps keep taking it. On the second day if it is slowing down, just keep taking the Pepto Bismal. On the third day if still getting better, keep taking the Pepto Bismal. If you are not getting better by now and are not allergic to antibiotics, take Ciprofloxin 500mg 2x a day for 3 […]

Hostel in Roatan

I am told you can find some guest houses that have dorms around the West End where the dive shops are, but that they don’t have websites. I didn’t find anything about one online. I did see a sign for a hostel when I went to the West End while on the sailboat but I didn’t see any place that looked like it was the hostel. Looking online, I found a listing with reviews and a website for Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel and decided to go there. The reviews said Mel, the owner, was very nice and helpful. This is true. She gave me plenty of information about this area — how to walk down to the beach, where to eat — and also answered every question I had for my articles about Roatan. It is a small two story building on a dirt road. It is easy to walk from […]

Packing list: drain stopper

One thing I wish I had packed was a plastic drain cover. I am talking about either the flat round plastic piece you use to cover and sized drain or the taller molded pieces that you push into the sink’s drain to keep water in the sink. Why I recommend packing some sink stoppers for your travel. Hand washing laundry! Washing your snorkel gear. I have noticed that most sinks I have come across in hostels and even the hotels where I stayed in Mexico, lacked the metal water stopper to keep water in the sink.

Packing list – hooks

Consider packing some metal cup hooks, especially if you are backpacking. I am talking about the small, light, metal cup hooks that screw into wood. I prefer the ones that are thin and have a white or black paint or thin plastic coating as I think they will resist rust better than the 100% metal ones. They come in packs of five or so. Why I recommend packing some cup hooks for your travel. As a backpacker, I keep wishing I had a hook upon which to hang my towel or a garment. Hostels don’t have closets with hangers. REI, Sea To Summitt sell lightweight clothing lines that can be very helpful but you still need places from which to hang the line. My REI clothing line has clips, suction cups, and Velcro bands — but I am still typically unable to find away to hang it. Many hostels have […]