Copan Ruinas, nice hotel

If you are looking for a very nice looking, comfortable hotel in Copan Ruinas, have a look at Hotel Camino Maya right on the town square. I discovered this hotel as I walked past it and just had to stop and admire the stained glass window that graces its lobby and, happily, passers-by on the street.


Hotel Camino Maya, Copan Ruinas, Honduras

When you enter the Hotel Camino Maya, you enter an indoor lobby. Stepping off the elevator after you’ve checked in, you find yourself on an outdoor covered walkway off of which your room lies. The hotel is not huge so you can see from one end of the walkway to the other. And what you see, aside from some nice doors, is greenery and sky.

There are two types of rooms — Premium and Deluxe. The Deluxe rooms provide you with a seating area and as I recall, a refrigerator, Internet, air conditioning and some more nicities.

Pricing including taxes in US$, as of the time of my visit:
Premium – 1 person $60, 2 people $75, 3 people $90.
Deluxe – 1 person $75, 2 people $90, 3 people $105.
I am fuzzy as to the number of beds in each room as pricing isn’t just about the beds but includes breakfast.

Two views of a Premium room:



You also gain access to a swimming pool and more, located a few blocks away.

As I was not researching for an article at the time of my visit and stayed at another hotel a few blocks away, I do not have my typical thorough description of this hotel and a stay there. I offer this hotel only as a suggestion that you might research if you are looking for upscale accommodations as you visit Copan Ruines.

A sitting area in the upstairs outdoor hallway:


A view OC the hotel from the town square:


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