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The 4 flavors of CocoflossCocofloss. It’s amazing. Yes, a dental floss that is amazing!

As you travel, it’s important to do all you can to keep yourself healthy and flossing is an easy part of this.

I know… it’s not romantic and if you’re under a certain age you still think it’s unnecessary. But plaque is sticky, enabling sugar to stick to your teeth and do damage. Dirty teeth also cause other illness — and bad breath! So I need to share Cocofloss with you!

Cocofloss is a really cool, incredibly efficient, truly superior, easy-to-use floss that works better than any other floss and doesn’t cut your fingers and gums or frustratingly slide through your fingers!

UPDATE 2023: You can now purchase Cocofloss at CVS (US “drug store) as an alternative to an online purchase or subscription.

I wrote about packing dental floss in 2012. Back then, all I cared about was container size. However, in 2015 I discovered Cocofloss and everything changed. I have been wanting to sit and tell you all about it for a whole year. Every time I floss, I decide that I have to tell you immediately, but then my day begins or ends and I don’t get to post. So today’s the day I share this.

Why Cocofloss is so great

In a photo, it doesn’t look so different from other floss — but when you hold it and then use it, you’ll experience the difference. I wish this photo could show you how it is stronger and textured.

A piece of Cocofloss floss beside another brand of floss

Cocofloss floss beside Oral B’s flat floss

Cocofloss grabs your tooth gunk

Most dental floss is very thin, supposedly so we can slide it between our teeth. But you have to pull it very tight against your teeth to have it remove anything.

Cocofloss, a great new kind of floss

Cocofloss after use doing my entire mouth including tight molars. Now you can see some of its texture.

When you pull Cocofloss between your teeth it actually pulls the plaque and stuff with it. The textured floss grabs your gunk without pressure and glides between your teeth quite well.

This is due to its unique composition: “Hundreds of polyester and microfiber filaments,” per its creator. This great floss also has wax and coconut oil and/or other fruit oils within.

You may still want to pull it tightly against your tooth’s edge but you won’t have to and when you do it’ll do such a better job.

I’d always thought I needed thin floss, or better, the flat tape, to get between tightly spaced teeth. It turns out, from my own personal experience, at least, that this slightly thicker floss gets between my teeth even better.  The Cocofloss site describes it well, saying it “resembles a cushiony cylinder” and that it compresses between your teeth. I also think it’s likely in part because this floss is infused with wax and with coconut oil and/or other oils. And because it’s not slippery in my hands.

Cocofloss doesn’t cut off your finger’s circulation

When you wrap a bunch of it around your finger, do you nearly cut off your circulation to get that thin floss tight enough against your tooth for it to do anything?

That doesn’t happen with Cocofloss because it’s thicker and has great texture. Also, you don’t have to wrap it around your fingers because you can simply hold in between your thumb and another finger. It won’t slip the way other floss does. But if you do wrap it around your fingers to hold it in place, it won’t slide so it won’t tighten.

You can use less with Cocofloss

The back of the Cocofloss container.

The back of the Cocofloss container.

The traditional recommendation is to use 18 inches of floss per use, and that’s necessary with traditional floss. Honestly, when I use other floss, I have to use even more than the standard 18″.

But the cool thing is that you don’t have to use so much. I can actually use about ½ of that. I can get by on 7 inches and my longest has been almost 9 inches because Cocofloss doesn’t slide out from between my fingers. I can actually grip both ends and simply hold as I put it through two teeth, then slide it to have a clean section for the next tooth.

Dentist Chrystle Cu, and her partner/sister Catherine, the women behind Cocofloss suggests the same and uses this length in their calculations for their 1-year plan — 64 yards (2 containers) delivered every 4 months. They also help you see how much more you have — right on the back of the container.

Remember, when you’re traveling long-term in one bag, you need all the space you can get, so your one container will last twice as long. Although the official calculation is 2 months per container, if you’re like me, you can get that to last you for 4 months. If you can find space to stash 3 rolls, you’ll be covered for a full year!

18″ per use. 2 uses per yard. 32 yard = 64 uses = 2 months + 2 day.
If you get by on 9″ you’re at 128 uses per container.
Dentist Chrystle Cu, and her partner/sister Catherine. The 2 women behind Cocofloss introducing me to this fabulous dental floss

Dentist Chrystle Cu, and her partner/sister Catherine


Cocofloss is $7 or $8 per roll and well worth that price! That’s $3.50 or $4 per month. This stuff doesn’t tear so you don’t end up throwing pieces away needlessly. You can get by with less that you have to use with other brands. And most of all, this stuff really works well!

But about that price… when you do the math on this you will find the cost is as little as 2¢ more per use to use this superior product if you use it like me.

Here’s my math in case you’re curious.

  • Oral B’s Glide Pro-Health (my previous favorite) is $18 for 6 as I write this, or $3 each. That’s for 43.7 yards.
    43.7 yards x 36″ =  1,573″ — 87 uses of 18″ long pieces. $3 divided by 87 uses = .035 per use. (Remember, it actually costs more in a regular store’s 1-pack.
  • The Cocofloss best price is $7 per roll for 32 yards.
    32 yards x 36″ =  1,152″ — 128 uses the way I use it, at 9″ per use. $7 divided by 128 uses =  .054 per use

If you see a flaw in my math, please help me correct it.

Flavors of Cocofloss

You may wonder about the name — Cocofloss. The “coco” part is the coconut oil in it and also because of the original flavor, fresh coconuts. There are other flavors as well: Strawberry, Mint, and Orange. I haven’t tried them though, so cannot address them yet — but I just received them in my latest order.

The blue color is more than just pretty too. It makes the floss easier to use. It also shows the result of your efforts. All flavors are the same color.

Since posting about Cocofloss people have asked if I have a referral link.
So if you use this link, which opens in a new tab or window, you’ll get a $5 discount on your order. I’ll get points towards my next order.
(I hesitate to do referrals because I want everyone to know that I recommend products and services because they’re good, not because I benefit in any way. So you have my word, this is great stuff.)

Learn more about Cocofloss and flossing

It’s ecology friendly!

Minimal, great shipment packaging and all 4 flavorsCocofloss ships in a minimal brown bag comprised of at least 50% recycled paper. (I love the shipping label!)

Each Cocofloss box is made from 100% recycled paper fibers and can be recycled.

The plastic container can be put into a recycle bin.

Your used floss can also be placed in a plastics recycling bin. Read this for yourself.

Also, be sure to check out the FAQ at

[This order pictured here happens to be the packs I am taking on my next travels.]

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