Going away? A pre-travel security checklist for your home

This is for those of you who do leave your home empty as you travel.

SimpliSafe, a new style, low-cost alarm system and company, created this pre-vacation checklist to give you — or remind you of — ways to protect your home while you’re out traveling. These are basic but wise. Maybe it will get you started building your own list of ways to take care of and protect your home while you travel.

I haven’t tried SimpliSafe, but it looks promising as does the pricing. I expect it would be great for now only home-owners/renters but for apartment dwellers as well. I particularly love that it is not hard-wired into your home so you can take your components to your next home and keep using the system. As I have long been against wi-fi dependent home automation, I am glad this doesn’t seem to have that. And I like that it’s independent of your landlines, which can be cut.

SimpliSafe is constantly sharing discounts, blog content, and such on their Facebook page.

Here’s a PDF version you can download: Worry-Free_Travel_Checklist_printable

My tips

About the refrigerator and freezer…
I’m not sure about raising the temp on the fridge because you likely have some staple foods in it. Maybe raise it a bit but don’t let it be warm.

Save plastic containers, fill them ¾-full, and use them to fill your refrigerator and freezer, both when home and away.

In a power authority’s home energy class years ago, they said empty refrigerators and freezers are costly to run, so they recommended either putting loosely wadded newspaper inside or filling the space with water to conserve energy. Don’t make your refrigerator and freezer too full though because that causes circulation problems.

(As a bonus, this also provides clean, drinkable water if pipes ever break.)


If you have a home answering machine, turn the volume down so people can’t hear messages being left. (I know the odds are small but why take a chance?)

Got tips?

If you have more tips to offer, I’d love for you to share them with us.


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