Wish I’d packed sandals

Too late, I remembered clearly — when I’d traveled so much of the world for three years, I packed sandals and spent much of my waking time in them.

This time, lacking a great pair that was appropriate, I opted for closed shoes I hoped I could live in. However, that is not working for me. I found myself living in my upscale flip flops. Only after nearly 5 months of hard use, they are failing.

I have been looking for a great sandal for a while now. This is not an easy quest for a size 9.5 (or larger) woman in Central America.

I am still loving my Merrell shoes and look back at my shopping photo of these Merrell sandals (that I did not buy) longingly.

20120717-104835.jpgThe sandals I now shop for are anything similar to this. These are the sandals of a fellow traveler. Ankle support and multiple straps make them safe to wear and also trustworthy for a long day’s walk and many, many days of such walking.

The Merrell sandals called Micca, I passed up before I left (I was unsure of the braids):

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