American Independence Day

I spent July 4th, the celebratory day marking my country’s independence, traveling from Guatemala City to San Salvador. I tweeted that it was odd to be in a place where the 4th of July was just another day.

I also rejoiced a bit on that day, happy to be lucky enough to have been born into a country where I have the freedom to travel so easily.

I knew that there had likely been a July 4th celebration in San Salvador, for Americans who are stationed or working here. However, I would miss it as the 4th was my travel day.

But I didn’t miss all of the celebrations!

The following Saturday, thanks to Malcolm, the owner of Hostal Cumbre de Volcan, a fabulous hostel in San Salvador…

I was surrounded by American flags, eating a hamburger, enjoying Club Salvadoreño Corinto on Ilopango Lake, socializing with the American Ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte (in the photo with me, below) — and winning the American History-themed scavenger hunt!


We didn’t have apple pie, but we had real chocolate cake (a rare thing in Central America) and volleyball.


And we had a boat ride around some of Ilopango Lake. It was formed by a volcano. So huge!




Oh… The prize for winning the scavenger hunt? It was a variety of very welcome American chocolates! (I love Central America’s landscapes a d people but they don’t get into creamy or smooth chocolate here — and I miss chocolate!)

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