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CodeAnywhere logoWhile I was in Central America, although lacking my Macintosh, I still needed to keep my clients’ websites up to date. My solution was actually another website —

Today I have a new client for whom I am editing a website. I am “home” now and have a MacBook Pro at my disposal. It’s running Dreamweaver CS6 — a perfectly capable program that I know extremely well. I enjoy using Dreamweaver.* But rather than launch Dreamweaver to edit my client’s site today, I turned to my web browser and headed to — an amazing, highly convenient,  HTML/PHP editor that’s ONLINE.

Because is online, you don’t need to have your own computer or application. You can log in from any computer. In fact, you don’t even need a computer. It works on iPad or iPhone. Truth is, I did much of my clients’ work in 2012 on an iPhone 3GS using the CodeAnywhere app.

Why am I not using Dreamweaver? I will, for some of this. But I miss CodeAnywhere so even with my Mac, I like to get back to it. I’ll be traveling again in a few months and I expect I’ll remain a CodeAnywhere fan.


*People who know me well, don’t have heart attacks. I, Deborah, the author of the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible, still know that Dreamweaver was the inferior of the two, but Adobe killed GoLive so it’s simply not an option. Meanwhile, Dreamweaver, although lacking many of GoLive’s fabulous features, is powerful and has gotten much better.

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