Website consulting in Guatemala City

I spent this Shabbat in Guatemala City with some friends. It gave me the opportunity to meet several great people. Some invited me to their homes and it is so tempting because i like the people and the places. However, each is in a place I have already been. Great invitations for the next time I come there. But for now I need to keep moving south. It was pretty funny to have left Guatemala and traveled south, then back to Guatemala and back down again.

Anyway… One on my many conversations led me to spend some time Saturday night reviewing someone’s business website and teaching them what they need to do to improve their site. It felt great to be back using that familiar expertise. From explaining the flaws of the existing site, to teaching them web site and web page structure, to giving them user interface advice, to giving them the exercises they need to work on, to starting them off with the appropriate wording — it all felt so great!

These folks have a great business. Now they have the knowledge to help those who can benefit from using their business to find them. And that even helps more good people in Guatemala City become well-employeed.

I’d say that was a great Shabbat gift for me to receive.