Camera Considerations – card & cable

If you’re taking a camera traveling, be sure to consider the media card format when you purchase that camera! Also consider its cable connection. And the charger.

For example, I had to deal with an Olympus camera that uses xD-Picture Card rather than the very common SD card — and a proprietary connector. The photos were important to me, but there was no way to get them out of the camera without the person carrying the cable or having the correct card reader myself. I love Olympus, but this format ruled out their cameras for me.

Another big issue is the camera’s charger. Big being the issue. Why most cameras require you carry a separate charging unit, which takes up critical bag space, is beyond me. See if you can find a camera that charges via USB. Sadly, they are not common yet. So next, go for a compact charging unit. And remember, if you lose that charger you basically don’t have a camera any longer. So try for a common brand.

Perhaps wisest, choose a camera that uses AA batteries. You can almost always buy batteries. You can carry a small battery charger for rechargeable batteries. Or you can get USBcell batteries, which charge via any USB connection.

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