Walking, movie & my radio show

At 11am today, just as the heat of the day was building, my friend Gary Smith and I went walking.

We walked the entire Cinta Costera, stopped at the Seafood Market for cold drinks, then continued through the streets and scenic views of Casca Viejo and San Filipe. As the sun went down we thought we would take a Metrobus but we just walked instead. It was easier to walk as the sun went down. We stopped for shaved ice along the way. Gary’s first.

As we walked home, we decided to go see a movie. We did something I have never done before. We walked up to the ticket counter and asked what the next film was that was playing in English. It was 7pm and The Impossible was on at 7:30, so that’s what we saw.

At $9 or so in LA, I would likely not choose to so this, but for $2.25 (we got senior pricing) this was easy to do.

Toward the end of the movie, my iPhone lit up. I could see the light glow within my little shoulder bag that was on my lap. I peeked. It was a WhatsApp message from Benjamin Rockwell, the Host of Computer Talk Radio, the syndicated program for which I produce segments and do a regular column. (As I have a cellular data plan I receive WhatsApp messages as well as Skye or Facebook messages and MagicJack calls any time.) Was I almost ready to record? Yes, I silently typed back. As soon as the film was over we’d find a quiet spot.

Feeling good after the happy ending, Gary and I walked out to the street and across it to the entrance of the Hard Rock Cafe. I was thinking that would be a good place to sit and call into my show. (My recording locales has become part of my segment on this trip and have sometimes been quite unusual.) However, I forgot that there is always music playing there and I cannot have music in the background. We walked outside and sat on a sidewalk wall and I recorded from there as taxis pulled up to pick up and drop off various guests. Another interesting location.

My segment this week? It was about one of the fatal flaws of Dropbox — and a way to avoid this flaw so people don’t run into the problems and, thus, failure that I experienced. (I love Dropbox but it requires an education or the consequences are that you lose your data forever. And in a traveler’s case, that is lost info or photos — the memories and documentation of our travels.)

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