Volcán Poás, Costa Rica – in the rain

On November 19, during the raining season, but on a day that was beautiful in San Jose, Costa Rica, a couple of brothers, another guy at the hostel, and I set out to see Volcán Poás, in Poás Volcano National Park, in Costa Rica.

It wasn’t necessary to take a tour as there is a $7 quite comfortable (clean and in great shape) public bus that takes you there from downtown San Jose, gives you a few hours as it waits for you there, and then returns you to San Jose on the very same bus.

Unfortunately, we forgot to realize that when you travel to the top of a volcano, you ascend into the clouds – and rain.
The bus driver didn’t mention this to us, but of course we didn’t ask. Then at the entrance to the Poás Volcano National Park, we all willingly got out of the bus and paid our $10 admission, again not thinking to ask if we would actually see into the volcano. The park doesn’t exactly post a sign that says we won’t see a thing. (Silly us for thinking maybe that would be a nice thing to do. Not in Costa Rica where everyone says of $10, “it’s not expensive, it’s cheap” in reply to many a traveler’s comment.)

Here is what we all saw when we arrived and walked to the volcano’s rim to peer down into it.

My friends look in amazement at beautiful view of Volcán Poás, in Costa Rica’s Poás Volcano National Park.

Don’t we all look great in these rain coats. Everyone that arrived, whether by our bus, car, or private tour bus, ran right into the museum gift shop to buy one. I already had one, thanks to a generous woman I met a few weeks earlier. We all still got soaked though.

Me, showing you the fabulous view we enjoyed. :)

In case you’re curious, here is what it is said is there when you see behind the fog. It breaks my heart to look at these images so I only link to the results of this image search.

The walk to the second volcano’s spout was beautiful, although no one there called it enjoyable on this cold, wet day.

Our walk to the second spout.

A note to future visitors:
The cafeteria is open and very cold. And not a person there found the prices the least bit conducive to wanting a hot drink or meal either. If you are not sure it will be warm and dry, dress for the rain from head to feet. And bring snacks.

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