Hostel recommendation in San Salvador, El Salvador

When I first arrived in San Salvador I stayed at a perfectly nice hostel that was recommended by Lonely Planet. It was nice and breakfast was free, but there was no kitchen, it was low season so it was pretty empty, and I didn’t feel connected to the staff. My local friend had heard a CouchSurfer had liked a hostel — Cumbres del Volcan — and as we found ourselves nearby, we checked it out. I am so glad we did!

I loved staying at Cumbres del Volcan!
There is no question that this is THE hostel for just about everyone to stay at. Regardless of your age, you will like this home-turned-hostel.

Here are a few reasons why I like the location:

  • It is in a terrific, upscale neighborhood — Escalon.
  • There are low-cost Pupuserias right down the block.
  • It is just a short block below the Plaza Futura, with the beautiful Torré Futura , the World Trade Center, and some nice upscale places to hang out.
  • Although it is a 15-minute walk, you can walk to the Selectos Supermarket. You can also walk to a free market, to the unique Galleries Mall and, within it, the Cineopolis Movie theater.

85 Avenida Norte #637
Colonia Escalon‎
San Salvador, El Salvador
Landline: 2207-3705
Languages spoken: The owner is fluent in English and pretty good in Spanish. Walter is fluent in Spanish and better than he thinks in English. Sara speaks Spanish.

I will soon add photos and more details.

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