Being out of the United States, I barely realized Thanksgiving was coming, But the message did come through and I must admit it was a lonely feeling to realize I would be alone and not have a Thanksgiving Dinner.

And then a huge surprise – an invitation from a CouchSurfing hostess who lives near my hostel. She invited me on Wednesday night.

Of course, the dinner was delicious. Turkey, stuffing, and more. Something new for me: Costa Rican sweet potato mixed with orange juice baked and served in orange halves. Topped with marshmallow, of course.

I really enjoyed the company too. I even learned a new game sort of like charades.

Are you wondering how I realized Thanksgiving was coming? For one, via TV. (Gotta keep up on the Middle East and I have been catching a couple of my old Soap Operas while working online during some days.

Also, because, sadly, San José, Costa Rica newspapers were advertising holiday sales in fact, walking downtown last Sunday, I noticed stores had signs, banners, and special door coverings that said “Semana Negro,” which is Black Week. Yep, not Black Friday, but Black Week. Although a few did call it Black Friday.

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