My first phone SIM or cellular data card

Today I purchased my first data card, a SIM card for my iPhone that enables me to access the Internet on my iPhone. I should be able to use my iPhone as a Personal Hotspot, but the silly system requires that I get set up with TIGO, the provider, for that.

About the card – for those who may with to know:
It was 45 limperas for the card, then 150 limperas for 2GB to be used within 1week or lost.
The alternative was a one-month card that provides 5GB but we would not still be in Honduras in 3 weeks. It was not possible to buy two weeks at a time.

Data and voice/texting are sold separately. I purchased voice minutes some days later upon learning that a cal to the US is only 2 Limpera and a tad per minute. I spent just 50 Limpera.

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