SCUBA & snorkeling

On Saturday, April 21, I donned SCUBA gear for the first time since I was in Townsville, Australia. I expected to do a guided dive after learning some basic skills, and as I had learned and done all those skills before, was looking forward to seeing some of the amazing, colorful life that lies below our everyday view down in this Caribbean ocean. I was less comfortable with the idea of being deep below the surface, dependent on equipment than I expected to be.

Stormy weather that night apparently ruled out a second day attempt. I wasn’t terribly disappointed and confess I was somewhat relieved. At the yacht club, I met/know four women who were as apprehensive as I was, but got past it and are enamored with diving. It made me think I should push through my discomfort. Under other conditions, with another instructor, I probably would. But my money is spent and we leave Roatan in a couple of days, and I just don’t feel the need to conquer this, not fear, but discomfort and worry about the risk.

I love snorkeling and there is much beauty to see this way. In fact, the family took me out to some beautiful coral and fish later Saturday afternoon when they learned I didn’t get to see anything diving. I look forward to a lot of great snorkeling as I sail the Central American coast with them.

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