See shows or attend events thanks to Goldstar discount tickets

Do you like to see shows or attend events in the places you travel?
Do you like to see shows or attend events at home, but still wish to save up some money to travel?
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If you live in — or will be visiting — the United States, Goldstar may be your solution to seeing shows or attending events under either condition. I’ve been referring people to this website/service since 2002, actually pretty much immediately after they started. And wow, I can’t believe it took me so long to realize I hadn’t shared this here!

What kind of events?

Local theater. Major theater productions. Musical concerts with major artists. Studio audience for TV show tapings in LA. (There’s no fee and no service fee for these.) K1 Speed Racing. Wine tasting. Water parks. Magic shows. Things like Hollywood’s Haunted Walking Ghost Tour. Interactive Murder Mystery. Amusement parks. Various expos. And more.

Comp Train

Goldstar Comp Train 2018 logoIt’s especially exciting during a Comp Train — a 48-hour promotion when they offer complimentary tickets to events across the country.

And there’s a Comp Train going on right now — December 12-13, 2018

How to use Goldstar to find events

Click Find Events, then:

  • If you live in the States, choose your location.
  • If you’ll be visiting, choose a location and then do the Select Dates so the results are relevant to your visit.
  • You can further narrow down your search by venue, price, or neighborhood if you’d like.

Then explore the offerings and plan your entertainment! As you click each one, you’ll receive all the info you need and learn the steps to take for each.

It’s free to join. (As a tech expert, I can’t get behind anyone doing a login with Facebook so I hope you’ll create your own login.)

There’s a small service fee for each event — clearly stated up front. I’ve seen $3 and $7.50.

Website or Apps

Goldstar Events app logoWant to start by getting the iPhone or Google Play app?

For the iPhone app click here.
For the Android app from the Google Play store, click here.


One of the greatest things about travel is seeing local entertainment — so I hope you get out there and enjoy something special. May Goldstar make that possible for you!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Goldstar Affiliate Program and these links are attached to my account. Years ago, they noticed that many people were coming to them and signing up because they’d seen it on my personal website so they invited me to become an affiliate. But that’s not why I want you to know about Goldstar!

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