Scrubbing away the grubby 1

I write this in my head with every shower so odd as it may be, I just have to write this.

One of the things I put quite a bit of effort into was finding the best solution for keeping my skin feeling fresh, clean and alive as I live out of a backpack.

At home I would have a fresh washcloth, one of those newfangled plastic round soap-up things, or a nice long loofa sponge.

On the road a washcloth might be an answer but it can easily become rancid smelling. That big round thing is a space issue and would hang like a Pom-Pom from your pack to dry.

I love a loofa because it enables you to rub gently or scrub harder to give you as much clean as your skin needs. (If you are from a cool climate you will understand once you hit a tropical summer and you realize the dirt you are rolling off your body as you hang out with friends is your skin.)

But a loofa is round and quite long.

I tried the $2 thin pad that is loofa one one side. Not bad. It lasted 2 months in NYC winter, then had holes in it. I want something more durable.

Next I found a nice, not too wide loofa. First I cut a slice. Too small.

My next attempt was my success. Cut a length of loofa to fit your soap dish. Then cut it in the center so you have two long, not wide around pieces. This fits in your hand well, provides perfect sizes surface area, and fits in the soap dish with soap in most cases.

How well does this hold up? I am 2 weeks into this trip so I will post an update in 6 weeks.

FWIW: last time I traveled for 3 years loofa was my choice. At the time I was able to buy flattened ones though so didnt cut then in the center.

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