Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Apple in Cancun

Of course, I had to see Apple Resellers in Cancun. I plan to do so everywhere I go. The iShop, with 20 stores in Mexico, is the largest reseller, I believe. Coming to see them was more than a wish after my Mac was stolen. I was desperate to plug my SuperDuper! Clone into any Intel Mac so I could access my info, make sure data was safe and work out ways to get my work done. Anyway, here is the iShop. oh, the huge box in front is a promotion: bring in an old piece of technology and get 1,000 pesos off your new Mac. It was fun to check out the box each of the 4-5 days I came by.

Scrubbing away the grubby 1

I write this in my head with every shower so odd as it may be, I just have to write this. One of the things I put quite a bit of effort into was finding the best solution for keeping my skin feeling fresh, clean and alive as I live out of a backpack. At home I would have a fresh washcloth, one of those newfangled plastic round soap-up things, or a nice long loofa sponge. On the road a washcloth might be an answer but it can easily become rancid smelling. That big round thing is a space issue and would hang like a Pom-Pom from your pack to dry. I love a loofa because it enables you to rub gently or scrub harder to give you as much clean as your skin needs. (If you are from a cool climate you will understand once you hit a tropical […]