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On my second day in San Salvador, my friend took me to the World Trade Center and Torre Futura to enjoy the breeze, the views, and the ambiance. I noticed the familiar wording, “Ruth’s Chris” on a new looking building and was impressed that the steakhouse I know to be excellent fine dining in Beverly Hills and the West San Fernando Valley, was here in San Salvador. For all of the weeks I have been staying here, I have watched it. Yesterday I noticed people enjoying the patio so I tried the front doors — and staff was there.

Ribeye & Spinach Au Gratin

Starting Monday, August 20, 2012, the folks of San Salvador have a new fine dining option for a perfect steak or, as I am told, great seafood. [Update: as of July 2016 or before now, this location has closed.]

Personally, I go there for the USDA, grass fed Prime steak — perfectly flame broiled with flames on both sides of the steak for amazing cooking.

You can actually HEAR your steak sizzling when it is brought to your table.

I was lucky enough…
to have a sneak preview meal at Ruth’s Chris El Salvador. From their specialty drink — the Blueberry Mojito, to the 12oz Ribeye, to the Cheesecake, and the service — it was every bit as fine as in the States.

Blueberry Mojito at Ruth's Chris

My Blueberry Mojito at the Ruth’s Chris bar while I await my friend

I arrived before my friend, so that gave me the opportunity to meet Oscar, the friendly bartender, at the bar.
Oscar made a Ruth’s Chris specialty for me — a Blueberry Mojito.

The Mojito was sweet and flavorful, a great start to the meal.
I also had Ruth’s Chris Potato Chips, which were clearly freshly made on site.
The chips were warm, thin and crisp, flavored with a hint of pepper.
I loved these chips! They were an excellent compliment to the Mojito.

The salads were so fresh that it was as if the lettuces and spinach were grown within miles. I have no idea where they get these greens from, but I know they have arranged special sources. The lettuce I have seen in supermarkets here is no where as nice. Lettuce is not commonly eaten here and it is simply not common to find a greens here like it is in the US. My Caesar salad was topped, atop the excellent dressing, with slices of Parmesan cheese, another rarity here. The Spinach salad was as perfect — from greens to the dressing to the candied pecan halves.

fresh salads

Our meal begins…


And then…
our steaks came!
“Amazing” is the word that comes to mind.
Mine was medium, my friend’s was “3/4” as they say here. Each was cooked exactly as ordered. Steaks from what I have seen here, are typically ordered as 3/4, but having had this first steak at Ruth’s Chris, I would feel confident ordering medium rare.
Each bite was a delight and the seasonings that graced my plate were not to be lost.

Cheesecake for two, sooo good!


For desert we elected to share a Cheesecake — and I do mean Cheesecake, not slice. The soft sweet, creamy filling was surrounded by a crust at least half an inch thick. A hungry person could easily polish off an entire Ruth’s Chris Cheesecake alone, but I can’t imagine anyone being hungry after a Ruth’s Chris steak dinner!


The menu at Ruth’s Chris El Salvador is was the same as Ruth’s Chris worldwide. Prices are always adjusted for the local area.

For a complete meal if you each order your own entree you might be looking at $40 per person. Vegetarian entree is $11, Chicken entree is $15, Salmon $19, Steaks vary. Personally, I’d order one steak for two people and have them French serve it – cut it in half or even thirds for you at the table. Each of the steaks are easily double the recommended daily portion of protein. Sides, which are large and designed for sharing are $4-7. The Cheesecake is $5.

I suspect many a great business meal and celebration will be enjoyed in the two private dining areas.

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