Pack 4 white skirts? Can’t do. So…

My favorite travel skirt (one no longer sold by Gap) wore out past wearability a month ago and my other tore, leaving me needing to fully replace my travel skirts.

Since I’ve been home:

  1. I pulled the twin of that favorite skirt out of its Space Bag to bring on my next trip. My favorite was tan. This one, though, is as close to white as possible, without being white.
  2. Pulling out the twin of a heavier favorite but now too-worn skirt out of its Space Bag, I found that Space Bag had turned this once light turquoise skirt white.
  3. A friend gave me a great wrap-around skirt. It was too long for her, but perfect for me. I love that as I travel, a part of her will be with me. That wrap-around is pure white.
  4. Another friend gave me an above-the-knee skirt with a comfy wide elastic waist, saying “It looks fantastic on you; you have to take it.” I love it — and will think of her each time I wear it. It’s white.

Four favorite  skirts, three of which I want to bring on my next year-plus long trip.
—> Four skirts.
 ——> Four white skirts.

And what’s the worst color for sitting on public benches, sitting on the ground, hiking in, biking in, wearing daily? Yep, white.

I’m staying at a friend’s house in Austin, Texas and in his great, easy access laundry area there was a half-full bottle of wine color Rit Dye.


My “new” skirts! They were still drying as I shot this photo.

On my next trip I will be taking a beloved Gap skirt — wine-colored.
Starting tomorrow and after I return to USA, I’ll have a go-to fancier wine-colored skirt to enjoy.

There’s also ½ a bottle of red Rit Dye here…

But I’m thinking I need a more generic jeans-colored navy for travel…

[May 14, 2014]