Mexican food in Bucharest Romania

Me and my Chimichanga at Duma's Van eatery in Bucharest Romania.Hello from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve been in Bucharest for about 10 days now, I guess. Some days walking around, seeing the city. Other days relaxing because as a long-term traveler there’s no pressure to see something every day. No day is wasted; some are just restful and rejuvenating. Honestly, I hadn’t expect to be here for so many days but, well, why not be here? I’m at a nice hostel sleeping on a fabulous memory foam mattress in a beautiful clean street in Old City, Bucharest. I love walking around outside. So it’s a good place for me to be. And an easy, very large city to see slowly.

Now, about the Mexican food…

As a resident of Los Angeles I resisted stopping for Mexican food as I walked the streets of the Old City in Bucharest while staying here.

At many (most) of the eateries in the Old City, a pretty young woman stands in front saying, “Hello, may I invite you to/would you like to stop and have a dinner or a drink here” and continues her pitch as you walk by shaking your head or saying no thank you. Frankly, it’s tiring.

At this corner eatery though, there’s no pitch. You’re free to walk by without hassle — and I like that. I consider it respectful. So, on this night, grateful for being respected and curious about how “Mexican” is done in Romania, I elected to stop and consider the menu.

Duma's Van, TexMex Mexican menu in Bucharest Romania Duma's Van menu

Honestly, I haven’t been feeling so well recently, so I wasn’t out for a large meal and wasn’t even sure I wanted to eat.

Inside Duma's Van as the proprietor prepares some of our meals. He didn't realize I was taking a photo. This smile is real.As I leaned closer to read it more clearly and to distinguish whether I was seeing Romania or English, the very nice mean you see cooking inside, stepped out and offered to elaborate for me.

I told him I was hesitant to have a large meal and asked a few questions such as what had the most meat for the price. He actually told me how he cooks each item. Cooking the meat until it’s tender, cooking in beer, etc. He mentioned the word “cilantro” and I was so glad he did. Is there cilantro in all the dishes? He explained not, asking if I was allergic to it. Again, respect and an honest answer. He’s leave it out. I knew I didn’t have to worry here.

This man I met was so knowledgeable about his food that I knew he was for real. Turns out he owns the shop. I learned that as I thoroughly enjoyed his recommendation based on our chat, a Chimichanga.

My Mexican meal in Old City Bucharest

The Chimichanga and the coated spiced fries that accompanied it was terrific. A pleasant surprise, actually, as I didn’t expect it to be this good in Bucharest.

As a beverage, I went with his “Virgin Mojito” which was perfect and is a good change from the Lemonade that’s commonly offered in Romania.

My Chimichanga, fries, and Mojito at Duma's Van Mexican in Old City Bucharest Romania

Hard to believe I’m recommending a Mexican eatery in Old City Bucharest, but I am!


Menu at Duma's Van Mexican in Old City Bucharest RomaniaHere’s the menu in case you’re curious

My Chimichanga was 27 lei.
(That’s $6.23 on this day.)

My Virgin Mojito was 14 lei, the average low price for a lemon, water, and honey “Lemonade” here. (That’s $3.23 on this day.)

A tip when you feel you have had good service in Romania is 10%. That would have been 4 lei, $0.92. It was hard to leave him only 5 lei.


Duma’s Van

Covaci Nr 11
Bucharest, Romania 030094

0724 483 017

Hours (at time of this writing):
12:00 pm – 12:00 am

One last photo so you can see the full business sign.Me and my Chimichanga at Duma's Van eatery in Bucharest Romania.

Note: Photos are just with an iPhone 6s. Although I love great photos, I deeply regret having purchased my current camera, a metal-body Panasonic “Selfie” model Lumix camera. For the past year I have found myself leaving it behind as I go out each day. I’m definitely seeking a better camera. Actually, I’m now lusting after the rugged, waterproof, lighter-weight Kodak Pixpro WPZ2.

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