A few hours ago, sitting with my iPhone at the dining room table of my CouchSurfing host, I read an email from an LA writer friend (I know through — and I jumped up saying Yeah! I literally jumped for joy and exclaimed “I am so lucky!”

Funny how I found myself saying “I am so lucky” today.

In the past 3 weeks:
• I found my iPhone won’t work out of USA.
• I was robbed of Mac and one of my two iPhones.
• I may have had 2 waterproof cameras and my great water-purifying SteriPen stolen. (I still hope they will turn up.)
• I left Cancun to travel taking the wrong card with me so I had no way to get money. Working with my host, we came to a PayPal solution and then trying to access my account from tiny iPhone I got locked out by PayPal security. That took hours and days to fix while I had not a penny or peso on me.

One might say I was not so lucky.

But I am LIVING and traveling!
I have 1 camera and 1 iphone.
I am in the warm home of a great host.
I have enough money in the bank to last a few months on my budget.
And I do feel lucky

Oh, the reason for jumping for joy?

Debating between costly FedEx and questionable USPS to have an old iPad I am buying shipped to me, I learned my friend’s friend is willing to bring it to me! Next week someone will have a new iPad3 and I will have a screen larger than my old iPhone.

See, lucky!

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