Hotel in La Ceiba in Honduras for the Bay Islands

Are you are traveling to one of the Bay Islands (Roatan or  Utila) by ferry and need to spend a night in La Ceiba? 

Backpackers tend to stay a night at the Banana Republic Hostel. It is right by a good part of town and a great dentist! — and is safe, but it definitely third-world backpacking. Forget the kitchen. The pots lacked handles. There weren’t 4 forks or spoons or knives. Knives were broken, the kitchen was filthy. Don’t count on water for your complete shower or an odor-free bathroom. And the bus out of La Ceiba info that the staff gave each of us was very wrong and problematic.

A private room for 2 or 3 runs 450 Limpira, US$25 at this time, which you can split 3 ways.
The dorm there runs 150 Limpira as well. (The dorms have backpack-sized huge, amazing lockers though, with electricity for charging!)

From what I heard, there isn’t a nicer place on a Backpacker’s budget.
A huge step up is the Hotel Art – Deco Beach, a clean hotel with a nice water view. There, a “triple room” runs US$82, has 3 beds and is for up to 4 people. A “single room” for a couple is US$53. There is a “double room” of 2 double beds that is for a couple and a child and is priced in between.

It is clean, polished, nice looking. The rooms are not US elegant or very famcy but they are nice and they are cleam The private bathroom is nice. The beds I saw look and feel good. If you are a Hotel-style traveller you will be comfortable here.

There is a very inviting swimming pool that I am finding hard to resist as I sit on a leather couch in the lobby.




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