iPhone/iPad/iPod case for extended viewing

The back of the brilliant ZeroChroma easel iPhone case.

The back of the brilliant ZeroChroma easel iPhone case.

In November 2011 I saw, tried, and fell in love with the ZeroChroma “Theater-Stand 360°” case — an iPhone and iPad case that was also a brilliant stand.

My first reaction was, why didn’t someone think of this before. My second was that this is incredibly well done. The easel mechanism is perfectly flat in the rear of the case. It then pulls out to provide many flexible viewing angles.

The iPhone case provides 11 viewing angles and comes in two models — slim and more protective. Some of the cases provide slightly different viewing angle options, but there are always plenty.

This is, I believe, a great travel case.

About 6 weeks ago, I gave one of these ZeroChroma cases to a young man that impressed me. As he was writing to me recently, he included this paragraph.

In addition I would like to express my gratitude for the new iPhone 5 case you gave me.  It is the best case I have found and has honestly changed my life. Of all things Apple has included with the phone, a simple built-in stand seemed obvious for a device with long viewing potential. Now that I have a protective case with a highly maneuverable stand I can enjoy my iPhone that much more. Thanks a million!!!

ZeroChroma also makes this stand for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano. In other words, every Apple device that you would watch something on.  Theater-Stand 360°

The official ZeroChroma website.

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