Carrying cables & small tech stuff

STM Cable Wrap folded

STM Cable Wrap folded

As you travel, you’ll find you need a pouch to carry your cables and smaller computer or cellphone accessories.

I used a soft zippered ditty bag to keep weight down, but STM Bags just came out with STM Cable Wrap Portable Organizer — which looks promising as a way to keep your cables and chargers organized and tangle-free.

The first thing I look at is weight. STM says “light weight” and is .4 pounds, 6.4 ounces or .2kg. Depending on how much carrying you will do, a single ounce can be too much, but this is probably great for most people and trips. In the end, it’s subjective.

My next question is protection from water and this is “water resistant, stating:
Shell: Light weight water-resistant canvas
Lining: 210D water-resistant poly

Now that the bag qualifies for consideration, I look at the overall size and the pocket organization. These things are more in the eyes of the beholder.

The STM Cable Wrap Portable Organizer

The STM Cable Wrap Portable Organizer

The Cable Wrap Portable Organizer rolls open and closed. It’s got an internal mesh zipper pocket and a slide-in mesh pocket on the other. In the center you’ll find 3 or 4 smaller slide-in pockets.

The dimensions are:
Rolled: 10×5.9×1.3in / 25x15x3.5cm
Unrolled: 23.3x10in / 59.5×25.2cm

STM Bags’ Cable Wrap Portable Organizer is $25 MSRP.
You can learn more about this cable organizer at the STM site. There is also a video there so you can see it in action. It is available from that page and at various retailers and distributors including Radtech. As I like and recommend Radtech, here’s a direct link to it at Radtech.

STM Cable Wrap is designed in Australia and assembled in Vietnam.
STM Bags makes various laptop bags, tablet and smart phone cases, and accessories.

I have to remind you that I haven’t tried this organizer yet, so at this point consider it a recommendation to check out.

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